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Telltale Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Attic’s Insulation


If your home or office’s energy efficiency is important to you, the best way to ensure comfort without rising electricity bills is to have an adequately insulated attic. Over the years, your attic’s insulation can deteriorate due to factors like normal wear and tear due to age or poor installation. Regardless, it is best to hire attic maintenance services in Illinois to identify and remedy the issue.

Here are the warning signs that indicate a need to replace or upgrade your attic’s insulation:

  • Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures
    Does the temperature on the first floor of your home change drastically once you go downstairs? Or perhaps you feel drafts in a certain area upstairs? Fluctuating indoor temperatures is the most common sign you need to upgrade or perform crawl space insulation installation.
  • Bad Odors and Allergy Symptoms
    If you notice bad smells from the attic, it could be a sign mold is growing or the existence of rodents and pests. If it’s the former, this could lead to poor air quality indoors that contributes to allergies. What’s more, cracks and gaps from the attic could let outdoor air in which weakens the insulation and brings more allergens to your living space.
  • Unusually high energy costs
    Once you have settled in your home and have lived there for quite some time, you get a general idea of how much it costs to cool or heat your home. If your electricity bill is suddenly higher than it should be, consider hiring attic home insulation services to take a look at your attic’s insulation.

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