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Tips to Help Prepare Your Attic for Winter


When it comes to attic insulation in Chicagoland, IL, most folks think of installing materials to keep the home cool and comfortable. However, attic insulation is also effective in keeping your home warm during winter. As we approach the holidays, now is the time to install insulation to keep your energy bills in check during the colder months.

As a trusted provider of attic home insulation services, we will share effective tips to help prepare your attic for winter:

  • Clear Debris
    If your roof has a collection of debris like dried leaves and pine needles, it can trap water and moisture. This can break down the roofing material over time and cause leaks. To prevent leaks and further damage, be sure to clear the debris first.
  • Seal Cracks
    Upon inspection, you may notice holes or cracks in the attic that allow air to escape. A professional crawl space insulation installation company can check for holes and inspect the area to ensure your insulation and HVAC system works efficiently to prevent high electricity bills.
  • Pest Control
    If the attic is rarely used, there may be signs of a critter infestation. Before installing insulation, call for pest control to safely remove any pests from the attic and prevent damage from the insulation.
  • Install Insulation
    Most importantly, employ professional attic insulation services to insulate your attic. Poor insulation in the attic can trap moist leading to wood rot and mold. ProList 123 is your go to-provider specializing in attic maintenance services in Illinois. We offer a wide range of attic insulation services for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. To ensure a warm, comfortable winter, arrange our services today. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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