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How to Properly Prepare for Insulation Installation


Maybe you’re getting started on your new home or outfitting an old one with better features. If you want to make your home energy-efficient, attic insulation in Chicagoland, IL should be a priority. Since it’s an important investment, you have to make sure that your place is ready for installation. We at ProList 123 recommend homeowners to do the following things if they place to have their home insulated.

  • Clean up the attic.
    To be precise, take out any stuff you left there for storage. This does more than just clear up the space where the insulation material goes. It also makes it easier for contractors to move around the floors and walls, making the installation process smoother. Also, it prevents the spread of mold and mildew, which can ruin the insulation.
  • Do some attic air sealing.
    These easily undo the work of any top-notch insulation. Search through the surfaces around windows, chimneys, pipes, and ducts. For leaks larger than 1/4 inches, use spray foam for plugging. Caulk gets the job done for holes and cracks smaller than that.
  • Also, plug water leaks.
    Water damage can destroy crawl space insulation. Find water stains, missing shingles, and damp spaces and get them fixed.
  • Make sure exhaust fans in your attic face outward.
    This keeps out humid air, which encourages the spread of moldy growths and restricts heat flow.
  • Finally, box out your lights.
    Setting a three-inch gap between the fixtures and the insulation reduces the risk of fires. Hardware cloth, metal flashing, or scrap plywood can do the job.

To see if your home is fully prepped, why not call an expert in attic maintenance services in Illinois? Our professional advice ensures the best results for the installation process.

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