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Some Dos and Don’ts When Getting Your Home Insulation


Proper insulation guarantees comfort, safety, and better health for your household. Make better and more informed decisions by knowing the basics of what you should and should not do when it comes to your insulation at home.

To ensure you do so, we at ProList 123, as your trusted provider of attic home insulation services have listed down some of the dos and don’ts of home insulation. Take a look below.

  • Do hire a professional
    A professional installer of attic insulation in Chicagoland, IL, means fewer mistakes, better efficiency, and enhanced safety since they are trained to handle the dangers of installing insulation.
  • Don’t forget other air leaks
    Besides your insulation site, make sure to check for gaps around your attic windows and exterior doors for air escaping and air-tighten them.
  • Do research ahead
    Even with a professional to do the installation, be sure to still do your due diligence. Check for the cost of materials, the R-value that is most suitable for your climate, and strategize your home’s insulation. Doing your research will help you better understand the process and make more informed decisions on related matters, such as whether attic sanitation decontamination is necessary or not.
  • Don’t skimp on insulation materials
    Settling on cheap materials to cover your costs will only likely result in you missing your local or state’s building codes.

Which among these do’s and don’ts do you already do? Let us know!

For assistance with your home insulation installation and other attic maintenance services in Illinois, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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